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The purpose of our various surgeries and treatments is to make you feel better about yourself and thereby be more confident every day.

Dr. Yves Toupin specializes in performing plastic and cosmetic surgery, after having spent five years in postgraduate studies. He will explain to you all the benefits and limitations of each surgical and non-surgical treatment option.

In our clinic, you will be able to meet your expectations, within safe and realistic boundaries.

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Sandra, Dr. Toupin's assistant from the very beginning, will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. At this meeting, Dr. Toupin will discuss how he can transform your face and/or body to enhance your natural beauty. All your questions will be answered personally and confidentially.

This meeting will become an "appointment with renewal".

For a new quality of life, choose the expertise of Dr. Toupin and his experienced team. You will find complete and compassionate support with private individualized care. All this and more at a competitive price, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.


The purpose of a facelift is to restore a youthful appearance by acting on the skin and muscles of the face and neck. The candidate must have skin that is well suited to this type of procedure.

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Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting an abdomen with excess skin and sometimes fat caused by changes in weight, successive pregnancies, age or physical inactivity. It allows the abdomen to "rejuvenate", especially its lower part.

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Breasts are part of the feminine language. Today's woman chooses what she wants and what she needs. If the size of her bust seems insufficient to her, she does not hesitate to consider a breast augmentation for a more proportionate figure.

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