Lipoplasty (liposuction)


Lipoplasty is a suction technique of accumulated excess fat located in specific areas.

Targeted areas are: the inner and lateral thighs (saddle bags), hips, abdomen, inner knee and sometimes the arms. For the face, the most common indications are for the neck and under the chin.

Its objective is not the reduction in weight, the tightening of the skin or the treatment of cellulitis. It aims first and foremost to improve the shape and contours.

Following this procedure, the fat cells that were removed will not regenerate.

The Procedure

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthetic. A fine tube is inserted into an incision a few millimeters long under the skin and the fatty tissue is thoroughly suctioned.

During your consultation, Dr. Toupin will also discuss with you all aspects related to this type of procedure, its benefits as well as the risks that may be involved.

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